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The Problem

Postform is the backend to your forms. At Resknow, we’ve been building more static sites. Our clients still expect a contact form on these sites.

I looked around and found a few solutions but they seemed to be frontend-only. (i.e. “point your form here and we’ll take it from there”)

The Solution

Postform is different; you configure forms in the app, define the fields you’d like and toggle whether they’re required. Then you point your form at the given endpoint. You can also choose how you’d like submissions delivered – whether by email or a custom webhook.


Postform is built with Laravel, hosted on Forge with emails sent by Postmark. I wanted to explore Utility-first CSS a bit more on this project, so I used Tailwind for the UI with Alpine for the client-side interactions. I also added Turbolinks (old school perhaps, but if it works!)